Lab group meetings in winter semester 2013/14

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The list of topics dissused during  past lab group meetings in winter semester 2013/2014 is presented below.


During the meeting Maria Hornowska-Stoch presented her research proposal on “Different aspects of uncertainty and couple reflections about fanaticism”.


During the meeting we discussed results of Krzysztof Hanusz research on””The Effect of Self-Efficacy on Video Game Exposure Effect”.


During the meeting dr Wing Cheung from Southampton University had presentation entitled: “What motives underlie the preference for negative feedback? Testing self-verification theory versus raison oblige theory”.


During the meeting Wojciech Pudło presented his research proposal concerning games and learning process.


During the meeting dr Guillermo Willis from Granada University presented his research on prejudice towards atheists.


During the meeting Sławomir Trusz presented results of his research on “Discounting process of reinforcements related to cognitive effort by individuals addicted and non-addicted to nicotine”


During the meeting Justyna Janik presented her results from eye-tracking research.


During the meeting we discussed results of Ewa Szumowska research on multitasking.


During the meeting we discussed results of dr Sinhuja Sankaran research on Efficacy to Achieve Cognitive Closure.