New paper in Motivation Science!

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New paper from our lab! Ewa Szumowska, Paulina Szwed, Małgorzata Kossowska & Rex Wright (University of Texas) published their paper titled “Multifaceted Effects of Need for Cognitive Closure on Effort: A Cardiovascular Response Study. Motivation Science” in “Motivation Science”. In an experiment, in which they asked participants to perform a cognitive task with a growing difficulty, the authors showed that Need for Closure (NFC) is related to increased or decreased effort investment depending on performance situation and instrumentality of effort for achieving closure. When task could be solved, and closure attained, with the use of effortful and effortful means, NFC was related to lower effort indexed as systolic blood pressure. When effort was not required by the task demands but only by investing effort could uncertainty be reduced, NFC was related to a greater effort investment. When task demands required effort and task instructions were clear and specific, there were no differences between the two performance groups.
Full text available here​


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