Gabriela Czarnek, Małgorzata Kossowska and Paulina Szwed in Nature Climate Change!

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We are very proud to share that our colleagues have just published a paper titled “Right-wing ideology reduces the effects of education on climate change beliefs in more developed countries” at Nature Climate Change!
They analyzed the effects of education and political ideology across 64 countries and more than 100,000 people. They have found that at higher levels of country development, right-wing ideology attenuates (but does not reverse as previous research suggests) the relationship between education and beliefs that climate change is happening, is caused by humans, and requires serious actions. Importantly, the analysis revealed at lower and mid-levels of development, the role of political ideology is negligible. These analyses extend previous findings by systematically investigating the between-country variation in the relationship between education, ideology, and climate change beliefs. These findings suggest that US-centric theories on the topic should not be generally applied to other contexts uncritically.
You may read the article >>HERE<< (full version)
Huge congratulations!