A new paper by Gabriela Czarnek and colleagues!

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Gabriela Czarnek from our Centre together with Michael Richter and Paweł Strojny published a paper in Psychophysiology!
The goals of this research were to analyze cardiac sympathetic recovery patterns and evaluate whether sympathetic cardiac responses to a task challenge can be predicted using residual cardiac activity measured directly after the task (as in quite a few situations obtaining reliable sympathetic indices during task performance is difficult or impossible). The authors found that cardiovascular sympathetic recovery occurred within the first 30 s of the recovery period. Nevertheless, residual cardiac activity during the recovery period had predictive power for task‐related cardiac activity. This suggests that sympathetic cardiac activity during recovery may serve as a useful indicator of task‐related cardiac sympathetic activity. The authors discussed the implications of these findings for practical applications and the design of future studies.
Full paper is available here