A new paper in Motivation and Emotion by Paulina Szwed and colleagues!

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A new paper in Motivation and Emotion authored by Paulina Szwed, Małgorzata Kossowska, and Marcin Bukowski from our Centre is already published!
Authors tested the effort pattern under uncontrollability situations for individuals with different level of uncertainty tolerance. They found initial proof that being high in NFC can also carry some potentially adverse implications, as they invested effort in the unsolvable tasks. The primary motivational mechanism that accounts for people’s tendency to disengage with unsolvable situations is known as the resource conservation principle. In other words, there is no point in wasting resources when there is no chance of achieving a positive outcome in a given case. This mechanism prevents us from unnecessary exhaustion, so the investment pattern that high-NFC individuals display in situations in which there is no right solution to a problem, and therefore no necessity to invest more effort could be deemed dysfunctional.
Full paper in open access ia available here: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11031-021-09868-4