Małgorzata Kossowska awarded with a CHANSE grant!

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Małgorzata Kossowska was awarded with a CHANSE grant in a call “Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age”.
Project title: “Moving From Networked To Patchworked Society: Motivational Unperpinnings and Societal Consequences”
The main goal of the project is to investigate the role of electronic media in the social and cultural transformation, which, in our opinion, consists in departing from an open society, enabling functioning in flexible social networks, towards a “patchwork” society based on various types of closed (micro) groups, with a strong identity, strong intra-group ties and their own epistemic characteristics. This process, leading to social fragmentation, has serious social implications, such as distrust in the state and its institutions (and the authorities in general), low levels of social consensus, low levels of participation, and disobedience. The project focuses on understanding the role of motivational, cognitive, social, and cultural factors that shape this process. The project is interdisciplinary, i.e. it combines knowledge and methodology in the field of social psychology, sociology, political science, media science, religion and culture studies.
The project leader is prof. Małgorzata Kossowska (Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University), who is also the leader of the Polish team consisting of prof. Piotr Kłodkowski (KSPC, Jagiellonian University) and dr hab. Anna Siewierska – Chmaj, prof. UR (University of Rzeszów). The project is implemented with partners from Sweden (University of Gothenburg and Stockholm University), Spain (University of Córdoba), Germany (Freie Universität, Berlin), and Great Britain (University College London). The social partners of the project are Copernicus Science Center and the German Institute on Radicalization and De-radicalization Studies (GIRDS).