A new paper authored by Katarzyna Jamróz-Dolińska and other colleagues from our Centre!

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A new paper in PSPB by Katarzyna Jamróz-Dolińska, Maciej Sekerdej, Mirjana Rupar, and Maryna Kołeczek from our Centre!
When people consider what is good for their country, they might face a conflict between the country’s short-term and long-term interests. We suggest that resolving this conflict depends on people’s form of national identification and future time perspective. Across four studies (N = 4,274), we showed that constructive patriotism, but not conventional patriotism or glorification, was positively associated with future time perspective. Moreover, we showed that this further translated into people’s responses to intertemporal conflicts. Specifically, constructive patriotism was indirectly linked to higher support for national policies with long-term advantages (despite short-term disadvantages) and lower support for national policies with long-term disadvantages (despite short-term advantages), and these links were mediated by future time perspective. Overall, our results demonstrate that distinct forms of national identification are differently linked to future time perspective. Likewise, this helps explain differences in how much people care about their country’s present and future.
Highly recommended!