A new book on control and uncertainty!

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A new book “Sense of control and uncertainty: consequences for understanding of social world” edited by Mirosław Kofta and Anna Rędzio is finally out! In the publication you can find latest research on how sense of control and uncertainty influence … Continued

A new paper in Journal of Applied Social Psychology!

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Katarzyna Jasko from our Centre together with Karolina Dukala and Marta Szastok have just published a new article in the ‘Journal of Applied Social Psychology’! In three studies they showed that when female students focused on similarities between men and … Continued

Rethinking Refugees

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Who is a refugee/migrant/an asylum seeker? What journey did they endure? Why do we fear them? What are the current challenges of this situation? How can we help victims of war and persecution? How can we enable integration and come … Continued

Rex Wright is visiting us!

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This month Rex Wright, Professor of Psychology at the University of North Texas, is visiting our Centre. During his stay prof. Wright is conducting several workshops: on The Nature of Love (11-12.10), Motives to Help and Harm (15-16.10) and Fatigue and … Continued