I am a researcher and lecturer in the Institute of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University. My current research explores the role of emotional intelligence in emotion regulation. We assume that people who are high in emotional intelligence use more adaptive regulatory strategies, what makes them resistant to undesirable effects of emotion on cognition. I am also interested in motivated cognition in the context of close relationships, especially in different factors influencing the structure of mental representation of the partner.


  1. Polish Ministry of Science and Education (MNiE) grant N N106 051139 Intelligent Emotional Regulation (2010-2014) (Principal Investigator).
  2. Polish Ministry of Science and Education (MNiE) grant N N106 106336 The basis of Emotional Intelligence: the cognitive control of emotion (2009-2011) (in cooperation with Jaroslaw Orzechowski – Principal Investigator).
  3. Polish Ministry of Science and Education (MNiE) grant H01F 036 29 Cognitive aspects of emotional intelligence (2005-2007) (Principal Investigator).



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