EASP Small Group Meeting Przegorzały 2013

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This conference was held between 27th and 29th June, 2013.

The aim of the meeting was to enable researchers to share novel findings about epistemic process, and work towards developing a common, multi-level approach that combines the neuroscience of intra- and interpersonal processes as well as group, intergroup and cultural processes. Given the seminal contributions of lay epistemic theory, the construction of new knowledge is a persistent human activity. For activities that range from the relatively simple and mundane to the highly complex, new knowledge is essential to ensure confident decisions and reasoned actions. Given the breadth of interest in knowledge formation, and the essential psychological relevance of the field to the generation of human thoughts, feelings and actions, an understanding of how knowledge is formed and changed has been recognized as a very important goal in psychology.

Thus, the general purpose of the meeting was to offer an opportunity to develop an integrative, unique approach to the epistemic process. This would afford a bird`s eye perspective on knowledge formation process, its motivational, affective, cognitive and neurocognitive underpinnings, and its ramifications for a broad variety of social psychological phenomena. These phenomena include intrapersonal processes (e.g., decision making, ideological, or religious beliefs), interpersonal processes (e.g., perspective taking), and intergroup processes (e.g., group centrism and outgroup derogation).

Download >>the report<< from the meeting.