Lab group meetings in October and November 2015

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The list of topics dissused during  past lab group meetings (in October and November 2015) is presented below.


During the meeting Sindhuja Sankaran and Ewa Szumowska presented their research on multiple goal pursuit.


During the meeting Joanna Cyganiewicz presented her research proposal on impact of sexism on aggression and helping behaviors: are video games to blame?


Krzysztof Hanusz presented his doctoral research on video games’ impact on helping behaviors.


Marta Maj presented her research on “Religiosity, death attitudes and NFC vs perception of a homosexual person (TMT study)”.


Małgorzata Kossowska, Aneta Czernatowicz – Kukuczka, & Maciej Sekerdej presented their three lines of research on religiosity and closedmindedness.