“(Un)easy returns home?” – conference and interview by Joanna Grzymała – Moszczyńska

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Our colleague Joanna Grzymała – Moszczyńska together with prof. Halina Grzymała – Moszczyńska, Joanna Durlik and Paulina Szydłowska from the Institute of Psychology UJ gave an interview for Gazeta Wyborcza (Duży Format, December 10th). They discussed the situation of people (especially children) coming back to Poland after emigration – which is a subject of the project “(Un)easy returns home? Functioning of children and youth returning from emigration”. You can read the interview here (in Polish only).

Feel invited to participate in the conference about this subject as well! – December 11th is the last day to submit. The program is available here (Polish again).



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