I obtained MA in psychology in 2012 at Jagiellonian University (Cracow, Poland). In 2014, I completed an Educational Measurement Programme taught by the international team of researchers. Later, in 2018 I earned PhD in psychology under supervision of prof. Malgorzata Kossowska (Jagiellonian University) and dr Michael Richter (Liverpool John Moores University). My work focused on social cognition and psychophysiology especially in the context of socio-emotional aging.

I also have some professional experience in applied settings. I worked as a psychometrician, where my focus was on psychometric modeling for personality traits and attitudes, and later as a researcher in the gaming industry where I worked on developing professional simulators for firefighters’ training.

My current interest concentrates on aging and social psychological research using computational methods and predictive modeling.


Research projects

Current projects
  1. Updating beliefs regarding science and politics: The role of motivation and information processing strategies. Grant awarded to Gabriela Czarnek from the National Science Centre in the Sonata scheme (2022-2025, no. UMO-2021/43/D/HS6/03353).
  2. Well-being in older age: investigation using automatic content analysis of social media texts. MOBILNOŚĆ PLUS grant received from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland (no 1614/MOB/V/2017/0). Project is carried out at Psychometrics Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge University
Past projects
  1. Motivational, affective, and cognitive sources of knowledge formation process: Implications for intrapersonal, interpersonal and intergroup phenomena.  MAESTRO Grant awarded to prof. Małgorzata Kossowska by the National Centre for Science.
  2. The impact of age on in-group bias: EEG study with minimal group paradigm. In co-operation with Raffaella Rumiati, Francesco Foroni, & Luca Piretti from SISSA (Trieste, Italy).
  3. Political intolerance as an effect of value threat. Grant for young researchers sponsored by the Faculty of Philosopy at Jagiellonian University (DSC grant). In co-operation with Małgorzata Kossowska and Paulina Szwed.

Publications in English

  1. Czarnek, G., & Kossowska, M. (2024). Strong correlational but no causal evidence on the link between the perception of scientific consensus and support for vaccination. PLOS ONE19(1), e0296066. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0296066
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    Preprint available at https://psyarxiv.com/hcbmw/
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Publications in Polish

Czarnek, G., Dragon, P., Szwed, P., & Wojciszke, B. (2017). Kwestionariusz przekonań politycznych: własności psychometryczne [Political Beliefs Questionnaire: Psychometric properties]. Psychologia Społeczna, 41, 205–222. doi: 10.7366/1896180020174108 Full text available here

Chapters in English

Czarnek, G., Kossowska, M., Richter, M. (in press). Stereotyping and Effort Mobilization in Older Age: The Role of Self-involvement. In Sędęk, G., Hess, T., & Touron, D. (Eds.) Multiple pathways of cognitive aging: Motivational and contextual influences. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 

Chapters in Polish

Czernatowicz-Kukuczka, A., Kossowska, M., Czarnek, G., Szumowska, E., & Szwed, P. (in press). Radzenie sobie z niepewnością na poziomie przekonań i sądów społecznych [Dealing with uncertaitny at the level of social judgments and beliefs]. In M. Kofta and A. Rędzio (eds.), Poczucie kontroli i niepewność: Konsekwencje dla rozumienia świata społecznego [The sense of control and uncertainty: Consequnces for understanding the social world]. Warszawa: Liberi Libri.


Please check the report from the study on political beliefs (in Polish): REPORT. Reported study was founded by a Faculty of Philosophy (Jagiellonion University) grant for PhD students and young researchers no K/DSC/002533 awarded to Gabriela Czarnek.