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Kraków in the city centre has a well developed public transportation system, and there is no need to use a car. If you consider commuting by car you should remember that in the city centre there are limited traffic and parking zones where payment a fee is required. For more detailed information about the parking zones and the list of car parks in the city centre click here.

We highly recommend using public transportation or cabs.

Public transportation

Tickets for trams and buses are available at the ticket vending machines (located usually near the bus or tram stops), at the commercial outlets (selected newstands and others) and vehicle drivers (but they sell only single tickets for an
exact amount of money). Location of the vending machines is available here.

You should buy agglommeration ticket if you travel to (or from) the Balice Airport.

For more detailed information click here.



tel. 196 61; +48 609 400 400;


tel. 196 66; +48 12 266 66 66; +48 800 666 666;


tel. +48 12 653 55 55;


+48 12 623 44 33; +48 886 451 451; +48 668 793 690;


+48 12 653 88 88; +48 600 032 600;


We also recommend using application for mobile phones such as MYTAXI: you can order a taxi without calling it (instead you need an internet connection in your phone).

Taxi fares:

Fares depend on the length of your journey and the rates your driver uses. Most charge 2.30PLN per kilometre within the city boundaries, Mon-Sat between 6am and 10pm. On Sundays and public holidays as well as at night the rate in the city is 3.50PLN per kilometre. A ride to the airport is 40-80PLN and generally 60PLN is enough to get from one end of the city to the other.

iCar is a company that provides car transport in Kraków and outside city borders. It offers pricing at the moment of ordering a car, the same prices in Kraków as well as outside the city, one price for day and night transport.

For more information about transportation in Kraków click here.


Hotels / apartments:


Piłsudskiego 25, Kraków

+48 12 430 10 25,

‘Fortuna Bis’ is the most popular choice among our guests. It’s located close to both – the conference venue and the city centre. It offers 23 rooms, each one with bathroom, telephone, WiFi and TV. It has its own restaurant and parking space (paid additionally, 20 PLN).

To check rooms, visit the site:

FORTUNA Hotel ***

Czapskich 5, Kraków

+48 12 411 08 06,

‘Fortuna’ is situated near ‘Fortuna Bis’ (so close to the conference venue and the city center as well). 25 rooms, each one with bathroom, telephone, free Wifi and TV welcome the guests. And it’s a nice welcome, with breakfast (included in price). Parking (paid additionally, 20 PLN) and a coffee place close by.

Today (that is April 4th) there were no room available, but we suggest you to check as it may change:

SIENKIEWICZÓWKA Guest House (in hotel standard)

Piłsudskiego 16, Kraków

+48 12 619 70 10 (/11),

Housed in a beautiful historic building, ‘Sienkiewiczówka’ is a guest house with rooms and apartments, located in the same area as two hotels above. There’s a bathroom, telephone, WiFi, TV and a fridge in each room. Breakfast included in price. Smoking is not allowed inside the building. To check availability, better contact the staff directly (or ask us for help).– site in Polish only!


Piłsudskiego 24, Kraków

+48 12 430 90 00,

‘Ostoya Palace’ is a 24-rooms place in the close neighbourhood of the conference venue and the city center. You can choose between ‘standard’ and ‘deluxe’ option, though each room has AC, bathroom, telephone, WiFi, TV, mini-bar and safe. The hotel has its own parking space. You can enjoy the evening in their restaurant (or coffee place / pub) or relax in sauna.

Today (that is April 4th) there were still rooms available, but we recommend you to check by yourself:

Budget options:


Rynek Kleparski 4/6, Kraków

+48 660 926 190,

‘Mosquito’ is located in the very center of Kraków, it offers both – private rooms and dorms; each bed goes with a big locker. Free Internet and WiFi available. Except all-you-can-eat breakfast and snacks that hostel provides, you may use common kitchen (free of charge). Common space welcomes you with movies, satellite TV, board games, books and guides. Every Friday it fills up with more than just that.

More at:

INTRO Hostel

Bracka 4, Kraków

+48 12 430 24 02,

For its price and location, an option worth consideration. Rooms are dorm-type mainly, with a locker per each bed and shared bathrooms. Free: WiFi, tea and coffee may combine into a set basically enough for some. There’s also a common kitchen and a living room (with TV, sofas etc.).

Check by yourself:

Besides well-known services, such as

you may check and book places at or


Here are some places that we can recommend:

Karma – Excellent coffee, brilliant fresh (vegetarian) food options, great vibe (and very close to the institute).

Wok – Asian fast food where you can create your OWN version of a dish.

Amamamusi – Excellent home-made hummus. The place is the size of a small room so it facilitates a communal dining style experience.

The Krakow Food Truck Square – There are about 5-6 different kind of ”food trucks” serving ready to eat eclectic food.

Cafes & Pubs

Krakow is well-known of its pubs, here are some of our favorites:

Cheder– A very cozy café in Kazimierz. Apart from great Israeli style coffee served in a special pot made of brass/copper, Cheder also hosts a large variety of amazing Middle Eastern and Jewish snacks. Flanked by books on the walls (which you can read as well) and accompanied by eclectic (NON COMMERCIAL) music in the background, this is a place that one should not miss visiting. It is also one of official venues during the Jewish cultural festival.

Winne Grono – Winne Grono is our ‘unofficial’ go –to place for a refreshing glass of wine after work. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and a lovely outdoor sitting area on a hot day.

Café Szafe –  If you fancy exploring what it would be like to have a drink in a wardrobe…this is the place! Apart from the quirky décor Café Szafe offers a good selection of beer and also hosts a lot of live music events.

Barka – Situated on the Vistula River banks; this boat café/bar/restaurant offers great views, music, food and drinks.

Forum – What was once a former ‘posh’ hotel is now a simulation of a ‘beach’ bar during summertime.  A stunning view of the Wawel castle along with a great selection of food and drinks is something one shouldn’t miss.

Nowa Prowincja – The best hot chocolate in town! Period!

Kawalerka – If you enjoy tasting different kinds of tea whilst exercising your sweet tooth – this is the place for you. They also serve the Argentinian Yerba Mate tea which I’ve been told is pretty authentic.

Artefakt café – A pretty relaxed café/bar where one can socialise, eat, drink and ALSO play board games.

Omerta – A ‘Godfather’ themed pub with some excellent choices of locally brewed beer.