Thank you for attending Kraków Small Group Meeting on Cognitive Consistency!

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The meeting will be held in Kraków, between 20-22nd May 2016 at the Institute of Psychology (Ingardena street 6).


Scope of the meeting

Research on the topic of cognitive consistency has had a long tradition in social psychology (Festinger, 1957, 1964; Abelson et al., 1968). Over the last sixty years, numerous studies have been conducted to investigate Festinger’s proposition that “the existence of nonfitting relations among cognitions is a motivating factor in its own right” (Festinger, 1957, p. 3). The assumption that incongruent beliefs produce negative tension which motivates a restoration of consistency has inspired research in domains ranging from decision-making to attitude change and social influence, among many others. However, important theoretical questions remain; as such, there has recently been renewed interest in the topic of cognitive consistency (Gawronski & Strack, 2012). The goal of this small group meeting is to enable a fruitful exchange of ideas between researchers working on the topic of cognitive consistency. Here are examples of questions that the meeting would focus on:

  • Is cognitive consistency a goal in itself as suggested by Festinger (1957), or is it better understood as a means to a goal? And if it is a means, what is the goal served by this means?
  • What are the factors that determine the degree of cognitive inconsistency an individual experiences? 
  • Does any expectancy-violating information necessarily evoke negative affect, or can inconsistency be related to positive emotions in certain circumstances (e.g., positive surprise)?
  • What individual differences and contextual factors moderate reactions to inconsistency?
  • What are the neuropsychological reactions to expectancy-violations?

These fundamental questions will be discussed in depth at the Kraków Small Group Meeting.

Invited speakers

We are pleased to announce the list of confirmed invited and keynote speakers:

  • Cindy Harmon-Jones (University of New South Wales),
  • Arie Kruglanski (University of Maryland),
  • Andrzej Nowak (Florida Atlantic University and University of Warsaw),
  • Travis Proulx (Tilburg University),
  • Bill Swann (University of Texas at Austin),
  • Piotr Winkielman (Universtiy of California, San Diego),
  • Bogdan Wojciszke (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Sopot),
  • Rex Wright (University of North Texas).


Kraków Small Group Meeting is organized under honorary patronage of

Rector of Jagiellonian University prof. dr hab. med. Wojciech Nowak














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