This project is funded by the Polish National Science Centre as part of the “Harmonia 10” scheme. The Principal Investigator is Marcin Bukowski (Jagiellonian University) and the cooperation partners are Immo Fritsche (University of Leipzig) and Soledad de Lemus (University of Granada).

About the grant

The main research question that we would like to address in this project is about the specific
conditions that favor positive intergroup relations when personal control motivation is threatened.
More specifically, we would like to focus on socio-psychological processes related to a perception of group
agency, but also on the formation of coalitional attitudes and tendencies to categorize on a superordinate
level (i.e. recategorize as a member of a higher level of social categorization). We plan to examine what
would be the moderating impact of those processes on intergroup perception and evaluation but also
tendencies to cooperate, solidarize, unite and identify with specific outgroups, when lack of personal control
is salient.