New paper on the pandemic threats and group dynamics

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We are pleased to share a new paper by the team of researchers with Sindhuja Sankaran from our Lab.
They proposed an integrated framework to understand the consequences of COVID-19 threats for group dynamics and intergroup relations. Special attention was dedicated to ethno-racial, immigrant, and refugee minorities and their frailty in facing specific pandemic features. Four main threat types were identified on the basis of the specific contents of threat appraisals, from personal and social self to group cohesion: Life threat, Basic psychological need, Livelihood and financial concerns & Social disintegration and political dysregulation. Only a limited number of studies identified instead additional specific threats among ethno-racial, immigrant, and refugee minorities: Stigma and discrimination, Stress sensitisation, Legal vulnerability & Marginalisation.
Gaining a differentiated understanding about the functionality of coping mechanisms for COVID-19 related threats can provide an image of the psychological costs associated with different strategies to combat virus spreading and inform societies on how to cope cohesively.
You may read the paper >>HERE<<